What can be reflected in the importance of the chemical industry?

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The chemical industry from the perspective of practical development issues:

Often dealing with the top level of chemical companies, these people are generally the most troublesome of the three problems: technology, environmental protection and safety. Why put the process first? Because there are no profitable crafts and installations, companies can't survive anymore. What about environmental protection and safety?

1 Process Technology:

Most of the mainstream chemical processes in China remain at the level of technology from the 1980s to the 1990s. The domestic three barrels of oil and some large design institutes have some mainstream technologies, but they are relatively backward compared to foreign countries. The process of most other domestic chemical companies is basically to buy foreign technology to change.

At present, advanced chemical processes, including agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, are mainly controlled by international giants such as BASF, Dow DuPont and Bayer. BASF’s annual R&D investment can reach 10 billion RMB. There are a number of chemical companies in China that have a total annual Income can reach 10 billion?

2 Environmental issues:

Environmental issues can be said to be the most serious problem. No matter whether it is a chemical company or a government-related department, it is absolutely necessary to face it directly and try to solve the problem.

The reality is that before many chemical projects were unlicensed and built before the completion of the formalities such as the evaluation of environmental assessments, there were major problems in the environmental protection of the project itself.

The other part is the enterprises and small workshops that had previously severely eliminated the issue of super-distribution. Since Chen Ji-Ning took office, these companies in the new environmental protection law penalized. Everyone knew that it was true. Almost all of the money was on environmental protection devices, or the process was changed to reduce emissions. The money would not be sold. In terms of methods, there is no way to cut production or shut down any money that is really low, but it is possible to invest tens of millions of investment in tens of millions of projects at a minimum.

3 Security issues:

In recent years, the chemical industry can be said to have done the limelight. The first was the Gulei PX explosion in Zhangzhou, Fujian in April, and the second was a device explosion in sunshine. The most painful thing was the August Tianjin Port explosion. Many people directly target the State Administration of Work Safety and the entire chemical industry. The State Administration of Work Safety has been issuing various documents and requests, and the effort has been unprecedented.

Can it be effective? In fact, there are mainly three issues:

1 device aging itself

Most of the installations of chemical companies were built in the 1980s and 1990s. At this stage, when they have already been replaced by new ones, various problems have been concentrated and prevented.

2 Regulatory supervision is difficult

What do you mean? Chemical safety is different from other areas of safety, too professional, too broad coverage, a security expert can get through one of the areas is very good, understand the process safety do not understand the equipment, understand the equipment do not understand storage and so on.

The SAWS may have enough experts to fully understand it. Once the policy is decentralized to the provincial safety supervision department, I am afraid that it has already been greatly discounted and then decentralized to the city. Experts are obviously not enough, Zibo and Linfen. How many experts in a city where thousands of chemical companies need to meet the needs of safety inspections and safety training?

3Insufficient level of management of chemical companies

Yes, there are re-safety devices, perfect safety regulations, chemical companies' own training is not in place, management level is low, lack of safety awareness, will lead to potential safety risks, which is also an important reason for people afraid of chemical companies.

None of the above three problems cannot be solved. Chemical companies are not unable to build cities. Take Singapore for example:

This is the world-famous Singapore Jurong Chemical Park. Jurong was still a barren land 50 years ago. Most of them were swamps and hills. Today, however, it has developed into a world-famous “garden industrial town”. Occupy only one-tenth of the country's land area, the Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil United States, the United States Chevron, the United States DuPont, Germany BASF, Japan's Sumitomo Chemical and Japan's Mitsui Chemicals and other industry giants are concentrated here, Yu Lang Lang Industrial Park contributes more than 20% of Singapore's GDP and absorbs more than one-third of the country's labor force, making it a model for the development of industrial parks.

How much does this chemical park account for the entire country of Singapore? Singaporeans are not alive? In fact, it takes time for anyone to solve the security problem.

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