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Industrial triglycerides are widely used in paints and varnishes, soap, fatty acids and their oleo-chemical sub-products. They come from animal fats and have same refining processes as vegetable oils but tougher conditions.


Linseed oil

4-1.pngWhich is used for paints and soaps, crude linseed oil should be degummed by water and acid, for reaching the standard requests, SYKOL bleaching earth plays an indispensable role in its refining.


Castor oil

Mostly produced in India and Brazil, it and its sub-products have a wide application in pharmaceutical and chemical sector, as well as painting and varnish industries. Hexane extraction is rather difficult to purify compared with pressing oil. In refining such oils, SYKOL activated bleaching earth should be working together with activated carbon to avoid the water splitting off from the ricinoleic acid.


Bio-diesel from rapeseed oil

With the supporting of methanol, rapeseed oil methyl ester could be produced and sold as bio-diesel, a kind of fuel. Rapeseed oil methyl ester is an additive for diesel.


Fatty acids/Soaps

Normally come from beef fats, mutton fats, palm stearin and palm kernel oil, as well as the by-products from vegetable oil refining, high FFA content vegetable oils. It can be split by high temperature under pressure and using sodium lye or other alkalis, but using SYKOL bleaching earth is more economical and environmental friendly for better splitting before neutralized and glutinous.



In acidulation and bleaching process, still presenting enormous products from mineral oil fractionation, considering about the environmental problems and costs, this is continuously replaced by hydrogenation, so using concentrated sulphuric acid will be much less than before in this process, especially in paraffin refining and used motor oil regeneration. As the environmental kindness and cheaper of SYKOL bleaching earth, its market status will be well protected in this field.


Paraffin wax

Using SYKOL bleaching earth for paraffin wax treatment could be carried under atmospheric conditions in open batches under stirring at the temperature around 90-120, the additive volume of bleaching earth is less than 1-5%,and mostly depends on the wax quality. After bleaching process, the ASTM color value should be no more than 0.5-1.0.


Insulating oil

Mostly used in transformer oil and cooling oil production, this is required to be with a high level ageing stability and some special electronic features. The used insulating oil could be treated by SYKOL bleaching earth for regeneration, SYKOL could remove the impurities like electrolytes and oxidant products under the temperature 100for 30 minutes, without adding extra acid and other cases.


Rolling oil

It is made from mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons with various additive products, and widely used in aluminum casting, regarded as the lubricants in the production of foils and films. There’s large quantity of heavy metal fragments in the used rolling oil, as well as water and other lubricants oils exist, so it needs re-distillation to be removed away. SYKOL bleaching earth has the capability to expend the working life of rolling oil, and granular shaped bleaching earth could refine the residues in all of the operation systems. Heating the suspension with bleaching earth in the open stirring tanks and filter offer after 20-40 minutes,


Waste oils

4-3.pngSYKOL bleaching earth could offer supports for the regeneration of waste lubricants oil, traditional methods are continuously replaced by distillation process, without the acidulation with concentrated sulphuric acid, avoiding the acidic tars which are hard to be removed. After the heating to 300for breaking oil additives and separating precipitated acidic tesins by concentrated sulphuric acid, bleaching should be come following under vacuum in 300.

Under the hard bleaching condition of waste oil, SYKOL bleaching earth is regarded as the cracking catalysts and absorption media. Long chained polymer and oxidized components were cracked first and then removed by distillation, non-volatile impurities and sulphonic acid are adsorbed, the raffinate after bleaching earth is a high quality lubricants, bleaching earth makes the valuable material for recycling.

Solvents for dry cleaning SYKOL bleaching earth could be used for different filter cartridges to purify the washing liquor, which consists of chlorinated hydrocarbons or pure hydrocarbons, and different tenside additives. SYKOL bleaching earth could absorb the fatty acid, fat oils, painting, acid traces and many other kinds of impurities.

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