Dangerous chemicals containers can not be littered!

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Knowing that hazardous waste must be entrusted to enterprises with relevant qualifications, but in order to save money, a chemical company worker in Guangdong transported 68 iron drums containing dangerous chemicals to Yueyang County and entrusted villagers Wu with a disposal fee of 45 yuan per container. Disposal. Due to the pungent odor of the container, Wu buried 68 containers on the nearby hills, causing the drinking water wells in the village to be contaminated. On April 28th, the reporter learned from the Yueyang County Environmental Protection Bureau that Wu, Luo, and Du are detained for crimes involving environmental pollution. The case is under further investigation.

Since the end of March, a group of villagers in Sanhong, Jingzhou Village, Changhu Township, Yueyang County have discovered a strange phenomenon: The village has begun to permeate with a pungent odor. Water is drawn from drinking water wells and reservoirs, and there is also a strange smell on the face. On April 2, the villagers who were unable to solve the problem reflected the situation to the Environmental Monitoring Team of Yueyang County Environmental Protection Bureau.

After receiving the report, law enforcement officers rushed to the scene. Through preliminary investigations, law enforcement officers discovered that the odor originated from the location of the pressure well in the village of Matang, which was only a few hundred meters away. Digging in the soil revealed that some people had buried a lot of iron barrels here, and there were leaks of unexplained substances in the iron barrels. The preliminary judgment of law enforcement officials: It is likely that the leakage of unknown substances in these iron drums has polluted the surrounding soil and surface water.

After visiting and investigating, Wu, a group of villagers from the Sanhong film in Jingzhou Village, Changhu Township, acknowledged that the iron buckets on the mountains that were similar to gasoline and diesel were buried. On April 3, Yueyang City environmental protection, safety supervision experts and staff of hazardous waste disposal companies formed a disposal team to excavate and dispose of the landfill.

In order to prevent secondary pollution of the environment caused by unknown substances in the excavation process, excavation measures have been taken to prevent seepage, and a large amount of anti-seepage cloth has been prepared. After excavation of a large mouth of 10 meters square, the hazardous waste disposal personnel took out one by one of the iron barrel containers that had been damaged. At 7 o'clock in the evening, 68 iron drums were removed from the excavation.

By sampling and testing the residual liquid and contaminated soil in the container, it was found that the container contained “tetrahydrothiophene” which was listed in the “National Catalogue of Hazardous Chemicals”. This is a colorless liquid and emits an unpleasant odor. It is mainly used as an odorant for city gas, natural gas and other gaseous fuels as a warning agent. It belongs to flammable, poisonous and harmful dangerous chemicals and is a hazardous waste after being discarded. It must be strictly managed and disposed of in accordance with hazardous wastes.

The director of the Yueyang County Environmental Protection Bureau, Hu Tuansheng, described this as a typical case of illegal dumping of hazardous waste. On April 3, County Environmental Protection Bureau and Public Security Bureau formed a task force.

Where did the 68 drums containing dangerous chemicals come from? Wu confessed that this was a "boss" from Guangzhou. According to Wu, in October last year, a bell owner from Changde took his phone to Luomou in Guangzhou (after investigation, this person was formerly a staff member of a Guangzhou branch of Shanghai Chemical Co., Ltd.). Luomou contacted him and asked him to help deal with some "scrap." "He transported 68 iron drums to us and told me that these were filled with gas leak detection fluids, and each disposal fee was 45 yuan, giving cash." Wu said he originally piled the iron drums. On the plaza in front of their own homes, after the sun and rain, they emit a pungent odor, he only privately landfill.

In order to further trace the source of pollution, on April 18, the staff of the project team rushed to Guangzhou. After several days of hard work, Luo Yu, the suspect involved in the arrest, was arrested.

After trial, Luomou confessed that entrusting companies with relevant qualifications to dispose of these containers required a relatively high disposal fee. In order to save money, this was the best solution. He said that the act was a step-by-step report to the former resigned company and the "peripheral" disposal was carried out only after the agreement. All reporting materials and credentials were reported through the company's electronic intranet. On the next day, the task force personnel and the Guangzhou police sent a special arrest to Du, the manager of the technical service department of the Guangzhou branch, and conducted an evidence search on the branch company. The investigation and evidence collection found that the disposal expenses of the hazardous waste containers reimbursed by Luomou in the branch were all reflected in the form of oil expenses.

According to Article 1 of Article 5 of the "Two High Judicial Interpretations", "Discharge, dump, and dispose of radioactive wastes and wastes containing pathogens of infectious diseases through means of evasion of supervision through underground pipes, seepage wells, seepage pits, fissures, caverns, and perfusions." "Toxic substances" shall be deemed as "seriously polluting the environment" and have been suspected of environmental pollution.

At present, Wu, Luo, and Du, who are involved in the case, have all been detained. The case is being investigated further. The Yueyang County People's Procuratorate is preparing to institute a public interest litigation against the parties in a criminal incident. The tetrahydrothiophene containers involved in the case have been dug out according to the relevant requirements and transferred to Linxiang Hunan Deze Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. for emergency storage, and will be disposed of after harmless treatment.

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